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Yubu Furutani

Human beings constantly live while going back and forth between society and individuals. Especially in today's Japan, the burden imposed on people's minds may be growing as their roundtrips accelerate and increase. I link the senses of Sculpture and Butoh to the body and space, and try to evokes the instinct of the audience with installations and performances.

A launch member of Art Collective “ Residence Projekt ”


2019 Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition/Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo       

2018 Solo exhibition “What was white, Colored, Again, ”/room 205, Maison Sakuragi, Tokyo

        Atami Art Week 2018/Atami city, Shizuoka

2017 Permanent, Landscape as a memory part 5 sculptures 2017/World Art Delft, Netherlands

        Solo exhibition “Open EXIT or Closed Door”/Kokonoka, Tokyo