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Yeshua Axel Zamora Vazquez

He uses collage and oil painting to talk about the search and uncertainty, it opens a door to a contemplation and hypnotic experience in which the central composition, soft palette and flat backgrounds brings us to infinite and bewildering empty spaces where every imaginable thing can be possible. It’s on this endless spaces where you can find Yeshua’s spaceman constantly mediating between doubt and mystery that any introspection process brings. The astronaut becomes a mirror, inviting us to get inside the suit and helmet to think about our own introspections and where this is bringing us.

Awards and Grants

2019 First International Collage Festival "Paste Up"

2018 P.E.C.D.A. Grant, With the Project ¿Dónde Están Todos?

2015 Freedom Symbol Award From the Aguascalientes Municipal Council

       35th National Young Art Award

2012 Third Biennial of  Drawing And Painting Pedro Coronel


2019 Solo exhibition "¿Dónde Están Todos?"/Visual Arts Center Gallery, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2017 Solo exhibition "Horno de Estrellas"/Pan Horneado y Café a un Lado Bakehouse, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2015 Solo exhibition "Contramétodo y Condición Humana"/Artica Gallery, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2013 "Metamorfosis"/ Temporary Exhibition Hall, University Cultural Center, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2012 "Punto Ciego"/ Museum of Contemporary Art Nº8, Aguascalientes, Mexico