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Alexandro Reneé Serrano Salinas


In the past few years, this Mexican artist have developed a career as a model for drawing groups and photographers in Tokyo that are looking to explore their own visual language, supported A.R.S.S.  willingness and love for experimenting, the experience opens a space in which the artists that hire him can explore and be inspired. On his personal work he explore the edges of the human psyche with illustration, collage and painting, also going through the lands of literature with novels, short stories and poetry.


2019 "Creative Juices II"/Tokyo

2018 Rain or Shine rooftop Art Festival/Tokyo

       "Creative Juices I"/Tokyo

2014 Fetish Fest Inmortal LSPM/Mexico

2013 Territorios del Arte Mercado Escénico TAME/Mexico

       "La Vitrina 4.1" Festival Internacional Cervantino/Mexico

2013 El último Fetish Fest & Fetish Fest antes del fin del mundo LSPM/Mexico

2010 EncampanArte Contest EntijuanArte /Mexico


2019 "GuruGuru Guide" Promotional Video (Actor)

2018 "Spiritual Machines" (Actor)

       "Arigato Japan Food Tourse" Promotional Video (Actor)

2015 "Expresiones ENSFA" Magazine (Volume 1 Illustrator & Writer)

       "Damasco. Ciudad Despojo" (Actor)

2015 "Crítonis" Online Magazine (Volume 1 Cover Model, 2 & 3 Article Writer)

       "Trayecto" Online Magazine (Volume 1 Cover Model, 2 & 3 Article Writer)

       "Fetish" Musical Video (Actor)

2015-2019 Tokyo Artist League of Life Drawing (Model)

2014-2015 Cartografías del Deseo (Model)

2012-2014 La Sociedad Perversa Manifiesta (Model)